EMS - Plywood Drum
Our Know How

Forerunner and now the leader in France in the manufacture of birch plywood reels, EMS has built on a robust purchasing system and strong links with principal suppliers, who have each become partners in the supply-chain, ensuring the quality and on time delivery of plywood supplies.

Drums in plywood provide a cost-effective solution for the packaging of wire and cable.

  • Birch plywood : a combination of lightness and strength.
  • Assembled with pressed steel tubes to ensure the rigidity and evenness of the exterior faces.
  • Choice of barrel between plywood, cardboard and metal.
  • High quality smooth finish.
  • Numbering available.
  • Wide range of sizes.
  • Delivery assembled or in kit-form.
Tourets Contreplaque - EMS
Our principal species : Birch

A material which marries strength with flexibility, birch has always been considered as an excellent working wood; hence its wide use in the plywood panel industry, cohesion between the plies is achieved with an organic adhesive.

Tourets Contreplaque - EMS

Other reasons why we prefer this species for our reels include its strength and its resistance to splitting. Nevertheless, other species of wood and other materials are used to manufacture our flanges; for example poplar plywood and OSB (pine, spruce, birch, poplar depending on the manufacturer).