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With nearly 50 years industrial and commercial experience in the woodworking industry, EMS supplies as its core business a complete range of cable drums made of plywood, of wood and of plastic. Whether for the cable industry, the wire industry or wholesale electrical distributors, EMS has earned a first class reputation founded on quality and service.

Our efforts are focussed on customer satisfaction and embrace innovation and on-going research for better technical solutions enabling us to propose the correct product for each market need.

Founded on a forward thinking approach, currently called “Continuous Improvement”, our system of Management and Quality Control is supported by custom-made software and is designed to heighten our internal efficiency as well as our capacity to better satisfy the requirements of existing and prospective customers.

  • Nearly 50 years experience in cable drum manufacture.
  • Quality of our products.
  • Quick response time of our production system.
  • Proximity to major routes.
  • A professional and efficient team.
  • A diverse client base.
  • Rapid replies to enquiries for designs/prices.
  • Advice tailored to customers’ needs.
  • Potential to optimize your existing products.

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